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Kim Kardashian Attacked ? Reality Star & Brad Pitt Have Something In Common - Hollywood Life

Nope, its not fame, kim kardashian and rayj cars or clothes, they hav e both been targeted by Vitalii Sediuk . He is a 25-year-old Ukrainian media personality, whomakes it his mission to terrorize celebrities. Hes attacked and pranked everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Jennifer Lopez but he tells the Daily Mail that he Kim isnt mad at him because he meant no true harm. Kim Kardashian Attacked http://jazmindazihome.wallinside.com By Notorious Prankster Who Did Same Thing To Brad http://swansonycnt.postbit.com Pitt After Kim got the scare of a lifetime when he tried to tackle her, after bypassing her bodyguard, he said: I hope Kim is OK and wont be mad at me as I didnt mean any harm. view site... Kanye is one lucky man as visit the site Kim is a goddess! But Vitalii claims that the reason he did this has nothing to do with Kim, it was aimed at the United Statesbecause hescurrently banned from reentering the country. The prank with Kim was my protest that US banned me from entering the country, he said.
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/09/25/kim-kardashian-vitalii-sediuk-brad-pitt-prank/

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