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Kayne West Blasts President Obama - Syracuse Politics | Examiner.com

White House on U.S. job creation through Connecting the Americas: is it working? West said in regard to the president that you simply have to have a lot of money to effect change and that can't be done pics of kim kardashian from inside the White House. reference West also commented that he doesn't see good ideas as being connected to money as much and that creativity and extreme genius are very cheap. He ended this line of thought with the statement that you really don't want to go against power and that he's personally working on one mission which is a mission from God. West was speaking during an interview in Philadelphia when he criticized Obama reports TheCelebrityCafe.com . West is well known for speaking out against anyone who goes against him. In the past this site Obama hit West and his new wife Kim Kardashian as being bad influences for young people due to their priorities in their lifestyle choices. West has hit back that with his skills he and not Obama can effect changes. The White House traditionally depends a great deal on the money and influence which Hollywood has to offer for support on many vital issues.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/kayne-west-blasts-president-obama

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